Southdown Marina

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Weekly Open Storage
£1.12per foot per week
(min charge £15 per week)

25% surcharge

Pontoon Berthing
£1.55 per foot per week
(min charge up to 21ft £145 per month)

Lift in or out by 20T Boat Lift
£4.50 per foot each way + 25% for multihulls
(min charge £90)

Lift in or out by 40T Boat Lift
£6.50 per foot each way + 25% for multihulls
(min charge £120)

Cradles & Chocking extra Yacht cradles
£50.00 per month

Miscellaneous Storage / DIY projects

All Prices Are Inclusive of VAT.

Rental of High Powered Pressure Washer
£50 per hour (min charge £40) £75 inc. labour

Container Storage
£27.50 per week

Electricity Metered
20p per unit

Stepping / Unstepping Masts

Crane / Forklift Hire
£100.00 per hour (min 1/2 hour)

Banks Man / Slinger
£15.00 per hour

Marine Engineer
£35.00 per hour

Yard Labourer
£15.00 per hour

Mast Storage
£20.00 per month

From £60.00

Visitors Berth
£20.00 per night
£100 per week
£2 per foot per week on a monthly basis up to 3 months.

Residential charge
£35.00 per calendar month

Dinghy Storage on low level pontoon
£150.00 per annum
Residential charge £20 per month